Direct Access

Direct Access to a Barrister is permitted in relation to almost all legal problems, and an appropriately qualified barrister can offer a wide range of services to help you solve your problem. On occasion, once a barrister has considered the issues, it may be necessary to ask for the assistance of a solicitor for some tasks (see below).


Services I can provide

  • Advising Individuals & Businesses (including re: merits of claims & defence, contracts
  • Advocacy, including negotiation at court hearings or at mediation.
  • Interpreting and drafting case & legal documents.
  • Advise on appropriate expert witnesses.
  • Preparation of Court documents (i.e. Claims & Defences).
  • Further opinions where a solicitor has previously been instructed.
  • Advice and representation before all Civil Courts and certain Tribunals.
  • I can also advise on many other contentious issues, prior to any action being taken.


Services I cannot provide:

  • The investigation or collection of evidence, including from witnesses, although I can advise the questions that need to be asked and the content of their statements.
  • The issuing of proceedings
  • The managing of the case and the holding of client monies on account
  • The drafting of letters on headed paper



  • My fees are usually charged on an hourly rate and may vary depending on the complexity of the matter.
  • My rates are competitive in the current legal market place.
  • Prior to the commencement of any work you will be provided with an estimate of likely fees.